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I Shall
Not Want 

Scriptural foundations: 

Psalm 23


Musical inspiration: 

Olafur Arnolds 

The story of I Shall Not Want

‘I Shall Not Want’ is an expression of Psalm 23, and

ultimately about friendship with God.


Writing this song was one of those times when music almost feels like a gift,  flowing out of what the Lord is speaking to your Spirit. It was New Years Eve of 2019, after a somewhat emotional Christmas and with the anticipation of many changes to come in the year to follow. Psalm 23 had come to life for me in recent weeks, moving from a familiar, quotable passage to something I deeply felt and experienced.


I began to understand that the key to my contentment and finding true peace was connected to the place I put my trust. I saw how my shepherding saviour and kingly friend in Psalm 23 was such a beautiful picture of a trustworthy God. The steady heart of the shepherd is faithful to walk us through both the shadowy valleys and

the mountain peaks.


As my first release as an independent artist in 2020, 'I Shall Not Want' set me on a trajectory of writing devotional music that was rich in scripture and intimate in tone. Many elements of this track were inspired by some heavy listening at the time to Icelandic artist Olafur Arnolds, who writes minimalistic piano instrumentals and ambient soundtracks (check him

out!) I often absorb what I listen to, so it's bound to come

out somewhere in my music. 


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