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The Lord's Prayer

Scriptural foundations: 

Matthew 6:9-13


Musical inspiration: 

Andrew Peterson’s  Is He Worthy

The story of The Lord's Prayer

‘The Lord’s Prayer’ was created in 2020 as a

collaborative worship project that brought together worshippers,

instrumentalists, and film makers from around Brisbane.

We had the opportunity to film the music video in the beautiful Ithaca Presbyterian church in Paddington, which captured the  reverence and stillness needed to embody the music. In the structure and instrumentation, this song very much sounds like a hymn. It begins as a quiet prayer of one, and develops into a congregational sound of worship and intercession, echoing Jesus' famous words, 'Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, now and forever, Amen!' 

My hope in writing  ‘The Lord’s Prayer' was to bring new life to the familiar words that many of us learnt to pray in Sunday school. The strongest theme I came to see in Jesus' words was twofold - His unwavering knowledge of the Father's heart, and in response, a complete dependence on Him. I also wanted this project to be useful as a resource for churches, both as a video piece and a worship song that could be partnered with a study on prayer.

After a good few hours of filming at Ithaca, the afternoon sun began to set and cast warm rays of light through the stained glass window behind me as I played. This became my absolute favourite moment in the clip. My simple, honest prayer. God’s radiant, eternal glory.

Heaven kissing earth.

Listen & Watch 

  • YouTube


Kyrin and Jared Bazley

String Quartet:

Shaileigh Thompson, Min Tan, 

Danny Kwok & Ruthie Tromp

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