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How Deep

Scriptural foundations: 

The Gospels;

Matthew 7:13-14


The story of How Deep 

It feels simple to write a song about the love of God.

I had to fight myself when crafting the lyrics of this chorus, putting aside the urge to complicate the words through nuance and creative language. The more I sang them, however, the more strange, and radical, and deeply moving they became to me. They ask  a question we could never have the scope to answer.

In its original version, this song was called 'Only Jesus,' and I'd written the verses about 5 years ago, long before I started releasing music. Still every time I'd come back to it to play it through, I'd hardly make it to the end without hearing my own voice catch as I sang. Not for anything I'd written, but simply because He gets me every time. His love never gets old. The revelation of how much Jesus gave in His love or me continues to impact my soul and author my salvation.

Love hung for me

torn on a tree

Holes in his hands

heart on his sleeve

The vulnerability of God is displayed in the humanity of Jesus, our lonely, rejected, tortured, mocked, naked, dying son of man. As a song written for Good Friday, I wanted to paint different scenes given in gospels of Jesus' life - his ministry, his suffering, his 'narrow road.'  I couldn't help but marvel at the great risk He took on us. His love bore every loss, withholding nothing, risking everything to woo us back into communion with Him.


In celebrating Easter, I would hate to ever skip over the humanness of His suffering and only dwell on the glory of His resurrection. Both are beautifully entwined in the risen Jesus. One is made more infinitely beautiful by of the other. I can't wait to be holding His hands in heaven, and feel the scars there borne for me. 


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