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Receive Him


Scriptural foundations: 

Isaiah 9; 53; 61

Luke 2

John 1


The story of Receive Him

This 6 track EP is a collection of traditional carols, [O Come

All Ye Faithful; What Child is This?] and original songs that give

new breath to the Christmas story. We wanted these folky arrangements

to carry the feel of a live band, so gathered talented friends together and recorded in a studio out in Samford Valley in late November of 2020. 


Two years prior to beginning this project, I wrote ‘Receive Him’ which would later become the title track of the EP. I was fascinated with thoughts of how over the centuries, we have shaped and re-shaped our vision of God, of the Christ child, and of the Christmas story itself. We have too often made it clean and familiar, draining it of its holy wonder. 

In pondering this with the Lord, it was as if I had been given fresh eyes to see how bizarre and beautiful this story actually is, as if I was hearing it for the first time again. I had to write! In each original song, I intentionally weaved in lines from famous carols and scriptures commonly read at Christmas, setting them against new and unfamiliar ways of seeing the story. 


I will receive Him, 

this King of heaven, 

prepare Him room within my soul - Receive Him


The redemption plan of heaven,

known before the dawn on time

O that long anticipated Holy Night. - Redemption Plan

Come and gather round the child

baby Jesus meek and mild

Born to suffer born to save

His meekness is submitted strength  - Son of God / Son of Man

‘Receive Him’ is itself a reference to the line ‘Let earth receive her King,’ 

from the much-loved carol Joy To the World. It was my hope that through these lyrics, the heavenly and the human that collide so beautifully in the person of Christ would shine through, and that it would be this true,

glorious King who we would open our hearts to receive.



Project members

LEFT: Joshua King [vocals, acoustic], with Tommy Staines [acoustic] pictured behind

MIDDLE: Blaine Swanborough [electric] & Sam Cotgrove [bass]

RIGHT: Jordan Staines [producer] with Bek Farrell [synths & pads]

NOT PICTURED: Nii Anang [keyboard], Ben Filmer [drums], Abi Staines & Bri Young [vocalists], Bronwyn Malins [violin], Ruthie Tromp [cello], David Lewis [classical guitar]

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