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Risen Man 

Scriptural foundations: 

Revelation 1:15 and 19:12;

Psalm 84:10


The story of Risen Man 

I am often drawn to lyrics that explore passages of scripture

less familiar to us - the names of God, descriptions of His glory, the aspects of His nature that aren't always sung about on a Sunday.


I wrote 'Risen Man' as a portrait of Jesus, referencing parts of Revelations as well as images I have in my mind from personal encounters with Him. I wanted to capture what it feels like to be in the secret place, face to face with the Lord and to be so changed from simply being in His presence. 


I’ve heard this described as being ‘marked’ by God. The heart of the psalmist captures this perfectly - 'A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else!' 

Once you've been with Him, nothing else will satisfy. You can't forget Him.  


My hope for this track is that it draws you into a place of beholding

the unexplainable beauty of Christ- His dancing eyes, His singing

smile, and His voice that sounds like the rush of many waters!


I have seen, I have known
a risen man
& I can't forget Him

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